Monday, May 11, 2015

Fauxidermy - White Deer Head

I purchsed this white, resin deer head from Z Gallerie - three years ago!  And I'm just now putting it up. But there's a reason for that...

Z Gallerie sells this pretty fauxidermy pieces in different sizes.  I purchsed the smaller deer head. It measures 15.75''W x 7.75''D x 17.75''H. 

It's a decent size, but I thought it looked puny on the two walls I had in mind for it. So, there it sat, in my living room, for three years! Everytime I walked by, it looked at me, begging to be put up. 

Then I had an idea. That happens sometimes. I found this gold frame in one of my sheds. My mom had purchased it years ago and never used it. See, buying decor and not using it is obviously a genetic trait. Thanks, Mom!  

The deer head + frame visually take up more space than just the deer head alone. And the gold adds a little bit of shine to the area. 

I was amazed to see that this deer head is still available for purchase. Click here to view it on Z Gallerie's website.  I don't receive any compensation for providing this link. I'm just being helpful.   

Z Gallerie also sells other fauxidermy pieces. If I didn't have such a small house, I'd buy them all!  

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