Monday, April 1, 2013

Coffee and candle

Last year, hubby said he wanted to start drinking coffee. I can't drink it because caffeine makes me feel horrible, but I do love the smell of coffee. It reminds me of mornings when I was a kid. My mom always ground whole beans to make coffee and I usually awoke to the smell of dark-roast coffee brewing. It's one of those comforting aromas for me. 

I was excited to live vicariously through my hubby. It's only fair since he's allergic to gluten and has to watch me eat all kinds of yummy bread. What's up with the allergies in this household? 

Anyway, after buying a bag of coffee beans, hubby had a couple cups of coffee and determined that while he likes the way it smells, he doesn't care for the taste. Darn. 

Last week I was cleaning out one of our kitchen cabinets and came across the unused coffee beans. I was about to toss them since they're now a year old and will never be used in our house. Then I had an aha! moment. 

Why not fill my glass hurricane with the coffee beans, set an unscented candle in it, and enjoy the aroma of coffee without having to drink any? 

I'm not a huge fan of scented candles, so this is perfect. The coffee scent is subtle, even when the candle is not burning.

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