Friday, May 4, 2012

Gray Inspiration

I've been busy ridding my kitchen/dining area of plain white walls with a splash of, well... gray. It's not Tomato Red or Laguna Green, but it is my favorite color. Or is gray a non-color? Hmm, deep thoughts...

I still have another coat to go before it's even worth taking "after" photos, but I'm already loving it!  Why do I adore gray? It is a neutral, which means you can pair it with any color you want - blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple... the possibilities are endless.  I think gray is sophisticated and sleek and it makes other elements in the room shine. It's easy to keep a gray room from looking gloomy by pairing it with warm toned and/or colorful art, floors, rugs, furniture, window treatments, and accessories. If you think gray is drab, check out the photos below:

I absolutely love the way gray makes white trim pop!

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